Turning 22 | 22 Things I’ve Achieved And Future Goals!

Finally feeling 22! I wanted to write about 22 things I’ve achieved so far and what’s still on my list! I think that creating a list of goals helps you to visualise them better. Lately, I’ve been loving Zoey Arielle’s videos on how to manifest positivity in your life. She talks about using the Law of Attraction (I’ll link her channel here – definitely work watching!).


Here are 22 goals that I’ve either achieved or am working towards!


22 goals mountain Austria
  1. Pass my driving test! This was my number one goal after I turned 17. I realised that I really struggled with my anxiety whenever I was in a car. It didn’t matter if I was the passenger or driver, I found it incredibly stressful. I partially blame this on trying to learn on a car with faulty brakes… sorry for the heart attack, Mum! Eventually, I switched driving instructors. Luckily, I found one who really adapted their teaching style to fit what I needed. I’m planning on writing a few more driving related posts so keep an eye out for them. The week before I turned 21, I passed my driving test and can’t believe I’ve now been driving for over a year!
  2. Graduate from uni – My Diagnostic Radiography degree was a three year course including clinical placement. I graduated in July 2018! It was a pretty intense course, but I loved the majority of it.
  3. Get a job – I’m very lucky in that my uni course (Diagnostic Radiography) is set up so the degree prepares you exactly for the job role. Our lecturers said on our first day, that our course has a 100% employment rate after graduation, and that we’d be having interviews well before the end of term. I was offered a job in December 2017 for when I qualified and started in July 2018!
  4. Move out of student accommodation – I’ve been living in a range of student accomodation since I began uni, from a nice little shared flat, to a huge mouse-infested 6 bed house, and ending in a teeny basement flat. My boyfriend and I have been living in a lovely flat near work since we qualified, and we’re saving up for our first home! (More posts on this coming soon!).
  5. Book a big holiday with my boyfriend – We wanted to celebrate graduating and travelled to Florida to visit Walt Disney World last autumn! I love exploring new countries and am hoping to save up and visit some of my best friends who live in Hong Kong.
  6. Hike Pen Y Fan – This mountain in Wales had been on my bucket list for ages, and there are some amazing views from the peak. We hiked Pen Y Fan last summer with family and loved it. It’s definitely something we want to do again, and explore a bit more!
  7. Go to a music festival! My degree had me working on clinical placement through the summer, so it was always difficult to be free when the festivals were on. The Radio 1 Biggest Weekend was on in Swansea last year, and we managed to get tickets! It was incredible to see some of my favourite artists, including Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and George Ezra.
  8. Watch a new West End show – I love musicals and grew up learning the music on our piano, with my favourite being Les Miserables. One show I’d never seen was Wicked, and my boyfriend and his family surprised me last year with a trip to London to watch it! We were also lucky enough to get cheap tickets to see Aladdin last Christmas, which you can read about here. 
  9. Save, save, save! I have some very exciting news coming soon that I can’t wait to share on Dose Of B. This is a goal that I’ve been working towards for a few years and will be complete shortly after I turn 22.
  10. Went Zip-lining – We went to Chepstow last summer and zip-lined for my boyfriend’s birthday! It was SO much fun and I also want to do the huge one in North Wales.
  11. Become more eco-friendly – I recycle everything I can and either sell or donate old clothes. We’ve also got much better at taking our reusable bags, and often use our metal straws. Next on my list is to pick up beeswax wraps to use instead of clingfilm!


22 goals mountain Austria
  1. Learn to cook new recipes from scratch – I love baking and have a couple recipes I turn to currently. However, at 22, I really want to improve my cooking and get some new dishes under my belt.
  2. Work with some of my favourite brands – I’ve already been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands this year (You can check out some of these here, here and here!). Currently, I have a few more on a list that I’m going to keep to myself for now!
  3. Learn another language – I loved learning French and Spanish in school, but haven’t used either in ages! Recently, I’ve downloaded Duolingo to remind myself and to start improving my fluency.
  4. Improve my photography – I have a beautiful camera and I’m not doing it justice! Hopefully this year I can dedicate some time to learning more about photography.
  5. Watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – I’m so excited that my boyfriend and I managed to grab tickets to watch this next year! It’s been on my bucket list since it was announced.
  6. Travel more in the UK – I’ve visited a few different countries but haven’t actually seen much of the UK. Maybe this year I’ll visit Edinburgh, or Liverpool (both have been on my bucket list for ages!).
  7. Expand Dose Of B! Currently I mainly focus on beauty, but want to expand my blog into lifestyle and travel too. We’re moving soon so I’m hoping to plan loads of home decor posts.
  8. Run a 10K – This doesn’t have to be in a race, I just want to be able to run without almost collapsing from being out of breath! I’m planning to attempt the Couch To 10K programme and see how it goes.
  9. Try yoga! I’m the least flexible person in the world and would love to improve my fitness. 
  10. Keep decluttering! I’m so happy with how my efforts at minimising my belongings are going so far, but there’s definitely room for improvement. This year I want to donate as much as possible and enjoy living more minimally.
  11. Improve my confidence when driving. I’m so happy that I can now drive but as my boyfriend and I share a car, I don’t get to drive as often as I’d like. He’s been really supportive and cheers me on through every motorway journey! I also avoid parallel parking so this is something else I want to work on.
22 goals mountain Austria

So that’s the 22 goals and achievements that I’m sharing this year! Fingers crossed I can achieve most of the things on my bucket list before I turn 23! What’s on your bucket list?


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