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It’s finally 2019! 2018 was a hell of a year and I achieved a lot more than I expected, and I’m excited to see how 2019 goes. My bullet journal is already filling up with my goals (which you can read about here) and plans for the year ahead. I love the feel of a new year, and even though I know the date changing to 1/1/19 doesn’t really change anything, it’s a great way to kickstart my resolutions. Travelling more is a huge goal of mine and you can read about my first trip of 2019 here. I’ve also decided to work on my minimalism, and have thought of 19 categories that I can hopefully declutter this year.

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We’ve lived in our first ‘grown-up’ flat since May 2018 and it’s so nice to have space! It’s finally starting to feel like home… although it’s also filling up considerably. I love a good declutter and have spent the last week going through all 19 categories on the list below!

  1. Old Makeup | Category 1 of 19 to declutter is the one I struggle with the most. I’m extremely lucky that as a beauty blogger, I sometimes get sent products to review or feature! This does mean my collection is probably bigger than what I actually need or use. A goal of mine this year is to rotate through my collection more often. I struggled a lot with my skin when I was younger and am now much stricter about discarding expired makeup. I have a blog post coming soon about how to keep on top of this!
  2. Dead Plants | I’m very much an artificial plant person as I always forget to water the plants we buy. If you have any plants around your home that are too far gone, I’d get rid of them!
  3. Expired Food | We do our best not to let food go to waste. My boyfriend eats practically everything, so I can always rely on him to finish off leftovers! We do occasionally find things in the back of the kitchen cupboards that we bought to try out an adventurous recipe, but never used again. I’d recommend getting rid of any expired food or cooking ingredients. You can donate any in-date and sealed food on an app called Olio!
  4. Uncomfortable or Worn-out Clothes | I used to have an entire rack of gorgeous but completely uncomfortable dresses that I’ve since passed on or sold. It’s just not worth it to me anymore to not feel comfrtable in my own clothes! You can sell any clothes still in good condition online. I also donate any that are worn out at clothes recycling points at local supermarkets.
  5. Spare Hangers | Now you’ve decluttered your clothes, why hang on to the hangers? Charity chops often take spares to hang their donations on.
  6. Expired Medication | It can be dangerous to take expired medication so there’s no need to keep it. Some pharmacies will dispose of it for you, which is far safer than having it lying around the house.
  7. Old Newspapers/Magazines | I’m in two minds on this one, as I buy magazines very infrequently. I also use them as decor when I’m not reading them. I wouldn’t keep any that I know I’m not going to read again. A lot of people reuse newspapers to line litter trays for their pets rather than just binning them!
  8. Christmas Decor | I still need to buy a better box to keep our Christmas tree in, as it’s shedding plastic pine needles everywhere! We don’t have a lot of decorations, so they all fit safely in 1 box. If you use the same decorations every year, and always avoid putting certain ones out, it may be time to let those go! Charity shops and schools are always grateful for spare decorations.
  9. Books | This is the hardest one for me, as I’ve downsized my book collection by over 50% and still have over 100 books. I try to only hold onto books I’m going to read again and again! You can borrow from your local libraries, and then purchase if it’s a book worth having in your collection.
  10. DVDs & CDs | Chances are you’ll already have digital copies of your favourites so you can declutter the rest and donate them!
  11. Spare Cables | You know the ones… the ones in a giant knot that you haven’t touched for months! We found that we had so many cables for devices we don’t even own anymore. There’s no need to keep them cluttering up our drawers.
  12. Manuals | Instructions for just about everything can be found online, so chunky manuals filling up your drawers are a thing of the past.
  13. Inside The Car | I’ve been trying to keep our car far cleaner this year. After needing to change a wheel and emptying everything in the boot into the back, we realised we had far too much! Our car now has emergency stuff and shopping bags in the boot and that’s it.
  14. Paperwork | We do our best to be paper-free when possible, but it manages to pile up. We use a shredder to keep the waste easier to recycle!
  15. Shoes | This is similar to clothing – declutter any uncomfortable or worn out shoes that you know you won’t wear again!
  16. Mugs | We have approximately 5 million mugs spilling out of our cupboards so are on a ban until we get through some of them! If you have old mugs you never use, donate them! I take my old ones to work so it doesn’t matter if they break or get ‘borrowed’.
  17. Under The Sink | This is another project that’s taken a while, but I’m much more on top of it now. Our under-sink space got to the point where we were just stuffing things under and forcing the doors shut! It’s now almost empty apart from cleaning products. I keep all our reusable bags in the boot of the car!
  18. Socks | If you love wearing odd socks – this one’s not for you! I’ve sorted through every sock I could find in the house. I’ve washed every single one without a pair them and donated to our family’s dog! They absolutely love ripping socks to bits, and we tie them all into a tug-of-war toy for them.
  19. Nail Polish | Any gloopy nail polish – straight in the bin!! If it’s relatively new, try popping it in the fridge to thin it out and make it easier to apply. I would declutter any older polish that’s not recoverable! You’ve made it to the end – that’s the 19 things I think you should try to declutter!

I hope you enjoyed reading my 19 things to declutter in 2019! What are you going to clear out this year?


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