2019 | My New Years Resolutions & Did I Achieve My 2018 Goals?!

How is it already 2019?? I thought I’d look back over my New Year’s Resolutions from 2018 (which you can read here) before making more. I divided my goals into categories and found that this worked well for me. I’ll be using the same layout for my 2019 goals.

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I definitely didn’t achieve everything I wanted with Dose Of B last year as it was way harder than I expected to keep up with the schedule I was aiming for. However I did manage to work with some incredible brands and have some amazing experiences! I have a lot less spare time now so it’s all about organisation.

I didn’t quite hit my Insta and Twitter goals last year unfortunately. I’m going to set some new ones that are slightly more ambitious so try and motivate myself! In my opinion, my photography did improve though, and I learnt how to edit far better than before. I still have so much to learn so I’m looking forward to playing around with my camera!

  • Instagram – Hit 5K followers!
  • Twitter – Hit 1.5K followers!
  • Blog – I was originally going to write 5K page views but I’m almost there, which I’m so happy about. Let’s go for 10K in 2019!


So I definitely improved my makeup skills last year, but there’s still a way to go! I’m happy to keep my goals quite similar, focusing on healthy skin!

  • Keep my skin healthy
  • Make a more conscious effort to rotate through my makeup collection so I don’t waste products!


University is no longer a category as I graduated in July!!! I was lucky enough to have been offered a job in December 2018 providing I graduated. I started at my local hospital the week after my graduation ceremony. My job is incredibly fulfilling and exactly what I wanted to be doing! I’m still adjusting to working full-time and balancing my social life around my shifts.

Travelling more is still a huge goal of mine. I was lucky enough to visit Disney World, Florida last September with my boyfriend over our 3 year anniversary! I loved HelloMissJordan’s goal of visiting somewhere different every month. We almost achieved it last year, so here’s to exploring as much as possible in 2019.

  • Balance – We have a huge calendar up in our kitchen, and I’m doing my best to make as much time as possible to see friends and family around my shifts! I’m hoping to make my social life more of a priority this year.
  • Travelling as much as possible!
  • The standard – eating more healthily and working out more. I was very lucky and had a gorgeous FitBit for Christmas, so I’m making a much bigger effort already to get my steps in!

2019 Resolutions!

I’m so excited for my 2019 resolutions, and I would love to know what your New Year Resolutions are! I can’t wait to see where my new job takes me, and hope to grow Dose Of B even more this year.


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