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It’s DECEMBER!!! The past few months have absolutely flown, and I’m so excited to slow this month down a little and enjoy it. I’m working Christmas Day this year so I want to celebrate as much as possible in the run up to it. We recently travelled to the Birmingham Christmas markets while visiting family, which really got us in a festive mood! I loved Pint Sized Beauty’s December To-Do list and decided to share mine with you! You can read hers here.

Organise Christmas Presents | I’ve only bought 2 Christmas presents so far, so I need to get myself organised and shopping! I’m also going to attempt to make some of the gifts I give this year. If all goes well, it’ll be up on Dose Of B as a tutorial. I love choosing the perfect gifts for people, but I need to be sure I don’t leave it too last minute! This is No 1 on my to-do list.

Book our January Trip | My boyfriend and I always visit Hyde Park’s Christmas Markets in December, but we couldn’t fit it in-between our shifts this month! Luckily, we’re visiting some friends at the start of January and it’s still open. I need to sort our trains and our friends are being lovely enough to let us stay at theirs! A resolution I’ve already made for next year is to travel as much as possible.

Decorate | I spent the first weekend of December with my parents and sister, helping them decorate. My boyfriend and I have finally found the perfect tree as well – only £30 at Tesco! We have approximately 1 Christmas Tree decoration at the start of December. It’s a 2018 Disney bauble we picked up on our September trip, so a pretty good one to start us off. We’ve recently done a huge Christmas haul at The Range, which will be up in another post!

Declutter our flat | While we absolutely love the flat we currently live in, it’s so easy to get messy as we don’t have much storage! I’ve been sorting through everything room by room, and it’s definitely getting better. My goal is to declutter as much as possible by the New Year!

Bake | I’ve starting cooking so much more than usual lately, as I love having a bigger kitchen. I invested in some lovely new cookware bits from Joseph Joseph and Le Creuset. My goal over the holidays is to try loads of festive recipes, mainly baking!

What’s on your Christmas To-Do List? I’ve linked some of my old Blogmas posts here if you feel like having a read!



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