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I seem to have a never-ending list of beauty products I want to try out, so I decided to narrow it down to my top high-end picks (high-street Wishlist coming soon!).

No 1: Zoeva Opulence Palette

This gorgeous palette is only £18 and has the most amazing shades! I’ve heard some great things about the quality of Zoeva palettes, and this one looks right up my street. I love the burgundy shade as well as the cobalt! I already have way too many eyeshadow palettes but I use them everyday so it’s worth it to me.

No 2: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

I know, I know, another eyeshadow palette, but can you blame me? This Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette has been a cult favourite since it came out and it’s obvious why! The shades are beautiful and I’ve heard amazing things about the formulation of the shadows. It’s a bit pricier at £43 so it’s staying safely on my Wishlist for now!

No 3: Charlotte Tilbury Youth Glow

This cream contains materials perfect for helping your skin to appear brighter and smoother, as well as helping the appearance of any discolouration. I have really pale skin and any redness shows up instantly, as well as some older blemishes that I like to erase. This is £38.50 which to be honest, isn’t that much for Charlotte Tilbury skincare, and I’ve seen my fave beauty gurus faving about it on YouTube.

No 4: Tiffany & CO Eau De Parfum

I recently tried this out while I was shopping, and I love the scent! The bottle is absolutely beautiful as well, and looks timeless. I really like Tiffany designs and this bottle is gorgeous. The smallest size (30ml) is £52, which is pretty standard for a perfume but it’s definitely too much for me right now! This one can stay on the Wishlist until I graduate (or win the lottery!).

No 5: TooFaced Ray Of Light Love Light Highlighter

Last but definitely not least, is this stunning highlighter from TooFaced! They have three shades, and this one in Ray Of Light is my fave, it’s a beautiful rosy pink shade with some shimmer. They’re £25 each, but are absolutely gorgeous!

What’s on your high end beauty Wishlist?




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