BLOGMAS DAY 23 | How To | Survive Boxing Day Sales

The Boxing Day sales are almost here! I always love seeing what amazing sales I can pick up, both for me and for presents! They can definitely be overwhelming though so here’s a few tips I’ve picked up from shopping the sales over the past few years.

Make a list 

As soon as you see the signs like 70% off everything, it’s really easy to go overboard and pick up things just because they’re on sale.  Careful you don’t spend too much by buying things you don’t really need but only want because it seems like a good deal! Lots of items get marked up only to go on sale again for their original price. This is some seriously sneaking marketing that catches so many people out! One easy way to avoid this is to make a Wishlist earlier on on your computer with links to the items you want. This way you can check if they’re on sale simply by clicking the link. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself!

Sometimes Boxing Day sales are a great way to find those essentials for your home that cost a lot more usually. I’ll admit I love a good sale, but recently I’ve really been trying to think ‘Do I really need this?’ – generally, if you wouldn’t have been interested in it before, a sale shouldn’t make you buy it! I love the bag below & have been waiting for it to go on sale!


Set a price limit for how much you want to be spending in the sales. Remember it’s a limit, not a target! Boxing Day sales can be irresistible but I always try to think about whether or not I already have something similar, if I’ll actually use it & if I need it or just want it!

Instore shopping

I would definitely recommend dressing comfortably as well as wearing things that are easy to change in & out of – the last thing you want is to be stuck in a hot, crowded changing room with a zip you can’t reach yourself! Definitely wear comfy shoes & take a bag that you can shut securely – crowded shopping centres are perfect for pickpockets!


To be honest, I didn’t even go to the shops last year! All my sale shopping was done online & it was super quick & hassle free. A useful tip is to sign up for emails from your favourite shops to stay updated on their sales. These can sometimes give you presale access too!

I hope these tips were helpful!



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