BLOGMAS DAY 21 | Christmas Home & Virtual Declutter!

I’ve decided 2018 is the year of the declutter! The amount of things I own has doubled since moving into a little flat with my boyfriend – we have my things, his things and then all our shared items like kitchenware & furniture. This has quickly filled up our flat & can make it seem cramped if it gets even a little messy due to the volume of stuff in such a small space. I was hoping to condense it down to what we need, use & love. Anything that didn’t fit those categories could go!

I wanted to really sort through everything we owned to make the best use of the space we have. We did a big IKEA shop a while back & stocked up on loads of essentials that I’m going to explain a little more about below!

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Before you start, decide what you want to do with everything you’re getting rid of. As I’m clearing out a fair few of my clothes, I’m planning on selling what I can on Depop or eBay & donating the rest. Make 4 piles – keep, rubbish, sell/donate & try on/out. Take it slowly & declutter the easy things first.  Try to organise where you want things to be – but don’t put them where you can’t reach them! I used to stack up my shelves and fill my drawers to the brim, & then never use anything at the bottom until they eventually resurface a few months later! It’s better if you try & put things where they’re easy to reach on a daily basis.

I took it in stages, so I sorted through my clothes first over a few days into what I was keeping, donating & selling. I then tackled my shoes because it was a quick task! We’re both uni students so we have a lot of textbooks – I sorted through the ones that are still useful for our course & returned the others to the library. A big stage was the kitchen as we have loads of gadgets. This includes a George Foreman Grill, doughnut maker, pancake maker etc which can’t all fit on the counter! Try to condense your kitchenware into what you use most often & store the rest, so we keep the grill & toaster out, & the rest of the gadgets under the counter. Throw out any expired food while you’re at it!

Another step I wasn’t expecting was trying to downsize my home decor. I have loads of photos in frames, candles etc which just don’t all fit into this little flat! I’ve sorted these all into a storage box so I can rotate them throughout the year. Try and keep the sides as clear as possible as it makes the space appear bigger. Our little home is appearing so much clearer & is way easier to keep tidy as we aren’t trying to force things into packed drawers or under the bed!

These are the categories I focused on for this declutter.

  • Clothes & shoes
  • Books & textbooks
  • Kitchenware
  • Food
  • Home Decor

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I stocked up on storage from IKEA for our flat. We got plastic under-bed boxes to maximise the storage space we have. They’re super affordable & only around £6 each! We also try to use as much of the space already available – so we bought folding chairs that can be stacked away under the staircase & a clothing rail for some extra hanging space. Again these were really cheap, the chairs were only £5 each and the rail was £7.

Like I explained earlier, the easiest way we’ve found to organise it to see what works best for you! So if you have tons of heels and wear them all the time, it’s worth investing in a shoe rack. If you’re obsessed with clothes and have so many that you have a summer & winter wardrobe, see if you can leave out of season items at your home if you’re in student accommodation or try vacuum-packing them otherwise.


This is a big one for me, with a lot of my uni work requiring me to use a laptop & how much blogging I’m planning on doing! It’s really important that both my phone & laptop are clutter free as it helps me to focus during work. I know that sounds simple & not like a big deal at all, but I just can’t focus with 1000+ unread emails, notifications pinging every other second & none of my apps working because they’re too old.

This week I’ve been focusing on clearing my virtual spaces as well as my flat. I deleted every single email that I didn’t need from 3 different email accounts, went through old contacts & updated all my apps. Also, I deleted any draft blog posts that I don’t think are working as they are & scheduled a few more that I’m happier with.

I cleared my desktop page to just the essentials & set a calming background of some images I’ve taken while travelling as a sort of motivation! After that, I also cleared out old photos from my iPhone & backed up all my music. I also sorted through my files on my laptop to delete essay drafts, abandoned projects and that sort of stuff!

I feel like my computer is much clearer now & it is far easier for me to focus & find what I want quickly. Doing a virtual declutter is often overlooked as people don’t think about it. I always find it really helps me!

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Let me know if you’re planning to declutter before the New Year!




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