BLOGMAS DAY 14 | Affordable Chloe Faye Bag | Designer Dupe

Everyone has that dream bag right? I’ve been lusting after the Chloe Faye bags for a while now, but definitely can’t justify the price tag – and even if I could, I’m a broke student, so it’s not happening! Both the Faye bags and backpacks are gorgeous and I love the style of a metallic accent ring and chain as it adds some toughness to an otherwise feminine bag.

I’ve been keeping my eyes out for any high street or online dupes – and finally, I’ve found them! Miss Pap have absolutely smashed it, from the design to the colours on offer, the bags are stunning and definitely look higher end. I picked up two of the Chloe bags in Rose Pink and Grey (yay for student discount!) at £25 each. The two together came to about £35 with the discount applied which is pretty good for two!


The quality was definitely better than I was expecting. Although they obviously won’t be the same level as a real Chloe bag, I really like them. The suede feels nice and there are lots of pockets inside the bag which I like. The chain can be removed if it’s not your style though! I was really impressed with how quickly they came as I bought them on the Friday and they arrived Monday morning.

These were the first things I’ve bought from Miss Pap, and as they’ve just released a dupe for the Faye backpack as well, I’m sure they won’t be my last!


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