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Anatomicals are one of those brands that I see everywhere, but somehow have never got around to trying! The team over at Anatomicals were kind enough to send me a cute PR package so I could try out some of their best sellers! I’ve been meaning to try out some of their face masks for ages, and I was sent a few to try as well as a lip balm, perfect for the winter months. First of all, I love their sarcastic names for everything – definitely the same as my sense of humour! The packaging is adorable and they definitely brighten up my skincare shelf!

Farewell The Scarlet Pimplehell*

This is a deep cleansing mud mask aimed at controlling spots & blackheads. I loved using this one -it wasn’t too thick but went on really evenly and dried well over the 15 minutes I had it on for. My skin felt super smooth afterwards and I’m definitely planning on getting a few more of these! These ones are under £2 in Superdrug!

No Breakouts. It’s Alcatraz For Spots*

This one is a purifying charcoal mask – I always love charcoal based skincare as I feel like I can see it pulling out all the oil and dead skin cells! My skin definitely cleared up after using this – I always have a few little breakouts across my forehead or chin and this mask definitely minimised the appearance of them and toned down my redness!

I Feel The Need, The Need For Seaweed*

I don’t know that this mask had as much of an effect as the other two, but it’s meant to be a cleansing mask and my skin definitely felt refreshed afterwards. It has a mix of algae, minerals and mud to hydrate your skin.


Never Lose Your Cherry – SPF 8 Lip Balm*

Okay, cherry is a classic flavour for lip balms – but why change a good thing? This lip balm isn’t too sticky (little pet peeve of mine – who else knows the pain of having your hair get stuck in newly applied lip balm?!) and the scent is so nice! It’s definitely a cherry scent and flavour but it isn’t too sweet or artificial. This lip balm also has spa 8 in. Great for protecting those chapped lips from the sun on a bright winter’s day!

Have you tried Anatomicals before? What’s your favourite kind of face mask?


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