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Collaborative post with Kiss Lashes*. Today I’m reviewing some of the new releases from KISS Products! It’s only been over the past year that I’ve really started wearing false eyelashes if I’m honest. It took me forever to get the hang of them! I usually only wear them on nights out or special occasions as I’m in uni a lot and can’t be bothered to do them in the mornings – I need my sleep. I wanted to write a quick post about how I managed to start applying them properly and ensuring that they last longer.

I’ve tried a few different brands, including Huda Lashes (AMAZING but expensive – try the Samantha ones!). The Eyelure ones are great (pretty good and also more affordable – love their Fleur De Force range) and ELF aren’t bad (cheapest of the lot and unfortunately while they look nice in the package, I just can’t work with them!).

I normally shy away from trying new lashes as I have quite sensitive eyes and the glue can irritate it sometimes. However, I was recently given the chance to try some of the lashes in the new release from KISS Products and thought I’d give them a go!kiss lashes products review how to apply false eyelashes

First things first: Taking them out of the box! Use tweezers to gently pull the lashes free, starting from the outer corner. Lay them along your lash line to see if you need to trim them to fit your eye, and again, trim from the outer corner. You can curl your lashes beforehand to make them blend a little better but that isn’t essential! Apply a thin layer of glue along the edge of the lashes and leave it for up to 20 seconds for it to get tacky. If you find they still fall off easily, you could try the double adhesive technique by applying a couple of dots along your lash line before applying the lashes! Gently press the lashes on and let them set for a while before applying any more mascara and voila! False lashes made easy!

I’ve been trying out the KISS lashes. They were kind enough to send over Little Black Dress* (from the Faux Mink collection) and Looks So Natural*. The Faux Mink ones retail for £7.99 from Boots, which I think is pretty affordable for Faux Mink lashes! I really liked the quality of these. I managed to reuse these a few times as they’re pretty sturdy. The Looks So Natural are only £4.99!!! Under a fiver for a set of lashes sounds good to me. Both sets come with strong lash glue included.

kiss lashes products review how to apply false eyelasheskiss lashes products review how to apply false eyelashes

Overall I really like both sets of lashes! I think the price is really good for the quality. They’re definitely sturdier than other drug store ones I’ve tried.

Let me know what your favourite lashes are! You can also contact me here.


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