Blogging Goals | Dose Of B’s Journey So Far | 2017-18

I felt like I’ve been really getting into blogging lately but it’s hard planning everything around my uni course, and I don’t want either to suffer! I’ve decided to write down all my goals for the rest of this year to get me motivated – I’m planning on writing an updated one on 1/1/18 to see if I’ve achieved them. My little blog has already opened up so many different opportunities for me to try, and I feel like it’s only going to get bigger and better come 2018! I’m definitely still learning a lot about the sort of content I want to produce and have finally got my head around Google Analytics (kind of!).

blogging goals for 2017/8

Twitter – @doseofbblog

I’m currently at almost 600 followers on Twitter and would love to get that to 1000 by the new year! I’m pretty new to using Twitter. I love how easy it makes it to connect with new bloggers and keep in contact with my faves!

Instagram – @doseofbblog

I’m at 2.5K at the moment and am hoping to grow my Insta to 3K by Jan 2018 – definitely the hardest goal on here! I find Instagram so hard to gain a following on lately because of all the changes they keep making to the algorithm. I love how it lets me show off my growing photography skills though – I want to improve my flatlays and get some outfit pics going.

Bloglovin’ – Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I never used Bloglovin’ much and find it harder to use than other social media platforms. However, I do like that I can easily read other people’s blogs. I’m currently at a grand total of 10 followers so going to try and grow that to 50 by next year!

Facebook – Dose Of B

Again, I don’t use Facebook as much as other social media. I always make sure to share my posts on my Facebook page and use it to speak to local bloggers. It’s also a great place to find local blogging opportunities! I’m currently at 11 likes on my FB page which will hopefully grow to 50 by next year!

Pinterest – Dose Of B

I adore using Pinterest to discover new DIYs and styles, as well as home inspiration. I currently have around 35 followers which I’m hoping to grow to 100 by next year! I’ve been concentrating on my Pinterest lately. I’ve grown my monthly views from 1.2K to almost 20K in the space of 3 weeks! I’m aiming for 50K monthly views by the new year. It’s a pretty big goal but fingers crossed!

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What are your blogging goals?


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  1. November 6, 2017 / 6:18 pm

    I definitely find Twitter the easiest platform to grow on and Instagram is just getting harder each day. You can do this!

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