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How do you normally take your makeup off? Soap and water, quick swipe with a makeup wipe, or maybe a cleanser on a cotton pad? I was scrolling through Instagram a few days ago and came across a new brand called CloudCloth. They make cotton cleansing cloths* perfect for use in your skincare routine and taking off makeup.

I have been wanting to reduce my impact on the environment for a while, and while I try my best (regular recycling, donating clothes to charity/selling rather than landfill sites and opting for things with environmentally friendly packaging), sometimes somethings slip through the cracks! I realised I’d never really considered the impact of the cotton pads I use everyday to remove my makeup and cleanse my face. I’m sure you know the ones – 90p packet from a supermarket of one use cotton pads? I hadn’t even thought about how many beauty lovers use multiple ones every day – and they all end up in the bin! Don’t flush them down the toilet either – they expand as they absorb water and can cause blockages.

I was really interested to find out more about these cloths. I contacted the lovely Catherine, who was kind enough to send me a sample to try! Catherine produces the cloths in the UK. They are dual sided, with one side a soft cotton and the other slightly more textured to allow exfoliation. The little bag they come in is made from compostable and bio-degradeable plastic so is environmentally friendly!

They are £6 for a pack of three and I think it’s free postage at the moment. I really like using the cloths so far. Very impressed! They’re gentle on my skin, but can exfoliate it too. They’re reusable and you can throw them  in the wash when they need a good clean. This is so much better for the environment than constantly throwing away cotton pads. I’m hoping that these cloths will completely replace my using cotton pads, and I’m planning to only use my remaining pack to remove nail varnish.

Let me know what you think about using reusable cloths to remove your makeup!


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