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I was lucky enough to be invited to the new Sleek launch. It was in London for their new beauty campaign called My Face My Rules. Sleek have partnered with loads of bloggers and beauty gurus who are trailblazing their way through the beauty industry. The new campaign is not retouched which is such a huge difference in the beauty world. It was an amazing way to see their personalities and the raw emotion that goes into their decisions to wear makeup and why they choose to wear it. One beauty blogger has just finished a Masters in Anatomy, on a year out from their Medical degree, while keeping up an online profile to share their tutorials?! It’s incredible to hear everyone’s stories.

First of all, the evening began with some Polaroids. We stuck all these to a huge wall and wrote our instas on! We also had a sneaky look at the Autumn collection, which looks AMAZING. I’ve already got my eye on some of the products, especially the eyeshadows. You could take selfies by their ring lights too. We had some time to meet everyone (almost – it was packed!). I met Emily, the marketing director for Sleek, who was absolutely lovely. We chatted about her vision for the campaign and the sheer amount of work needed for it to happen! We then went into the performance hall of the venue and I ended up sitting in the second row from the front – great seats for the panel.

Gemma Cairney hosted the event and put some questions to the panel. Emily, Marketing Director, Liam Hackett, Head of Ditch The Label, Habiba, beauty blogger and the Beauty Editor of Buzzfeed UK was there too! We watched a clip of the individuals featured in the campaign speaking about their experiences with makeup shaming. The panel then took questions from the audience for a while. It was really interesting to see how the campaign applied to everyone. Then the time came…we were the first people to see the brand new Sleek campaign for MyFaceMyRules!!! It was incredible to see how the individuals applying makeup faced their days was showed in the campaign. The film showed all of us how the makeup gave them confidence to be strong and do whatever they wanted, without fear of being judged.

After we saw the campaign, there was proscco, pizza and a DJ. Unfortunately  I had to get home because I was getting the Megabus all the way back to Wales! The girls gave me a lovely goody bag* and shade matched me for their new foundation range.

It was an amazing evening and I got to meet some beauty bloggers who were absolutely lovely – hey there Ling! Definitely worth travelling from Wales from. Most of all I feel so inspired by their new campaign – #MyFaceMyRules from now on!

Let me know if you’ve seen their new campaign!



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  1. September 18, 2017 / 4:16 pm

    Awesome post.I have tried a few sleek products but with so many brands available I often forget this one. Definitely worth revisiting. Very original campaign to.

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