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I have been trying out a body scrub* by a new brand -‘What’s in it for me? this month. This brand makes bathing products designed to truly pamper yourself and they have a pretty wide range to choose from! I will admit I read the name wrong because I thought they were talking about what is literally included in the product. After reading their website a little more, I realised it’s more about focusing on yourself and allowing yourself time to relax.

what's in it for me body scrub review

Their range includes a body cleanser, hand cream, body cream, daily shampoo, body scrub and hand wash. The products contain a range of essential oils, from rosemary to peppermint and pro vitamins B5 and E.

what's in it for me body scrub review

I decided to try their body scrub* as I’m always on the lookout for new ones! Usually I much prefer body scrubs to lotions. I hate my skin feeling greasy at all as I can’t relax until it’s dry (can’t stand thick suncream either!). The body scrub contains eucalyptus oil, rose oil, root ginger and sea salts said to detoxify, warm, exfoliate and enhance circulation. I don’t know about the detoxifying aspects as I’m pretty happy to let my kidneys do that (don’t fall for the whole ‘detox teas’ either! The sea salt definitely exfoliated my skin and the oils left it pretty soft.

The scrub retails for £9 for 200ml which I thought was a good amount for what you pay! I do really like the smell of this scrub too because it’s not overpowering but it does linger. Overall I’m pretty happy with the effects of this scrub and I think I’ll try out more of their products in the future!

‘What’s in it for me?’ is stocked at Harvey Nichols and their range is available to view and purchase online. Let me know if you try any of their products! You can also contact me here.


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