Spectrum Collections | Huge Brush Haul & Review

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard of Spectrum Collections by now! They’re one of the most instagrammable brush companies out there. They’re also 100% cruelty free and vegan which is amazing, and something I always consider when buying new products.Spectrum Collections | Huge Brush Haul & Review

The company was started by Hannah and Sophie (from Barry for all you Gavin and Stacey fans), who I had the chance to meet at their first Welsh event earlier this year. They’re both SO friendly (and sparkly #sistergoals!) and chatted to us about some of their newest launches coming soon. I’ve been so stuck on which set to get for ages though, as they are literally all perfect! I was torn between the Siren set and all of the millennial pink/blue sets. I finally ended up choosing the Perfect Blend Eye Set. It retails online for £29.99 for 8 brushes, so it works out to just under £4 per brush. That is pretty incredible especially when considering how good the quality of the brushes is!

Spectrum Collections | Huge Brush Haul & ReviewThe Perfect Blend Eye Set from Spectrum Collections includes the following:

B06 – Tall Tapered Blender – I use this one to blend out my shadow gently so I can avoid any harsh lines and make sure it’s evenly spread out across my lid

A08 – Medium Fluffy Shader – I use the A08 to pack on my shadow on my lid over a primer to start off my eye look as it allows me to really build the pigmentation up

C06 – Tulip Eye Contour – I use this mostly when working with darker colours when I want to buff them into my crease and the socket of my eye as it blends them out really well

B04 – Small Angled Shader – I use this one to add smaller accents of colour as its more precise and also for my brows sometimes

A16 – Precision Crease- I actually prefer using this one on my lips! It’s great for evenly filling them with colour, especially if I’ve chosen a bold or darker shade

A13 – Short Smudge – This one has a wide but thin shape perfect for adding that smoky effect without going overboard and looking like a raccoon! (just saying, 13 year old me!)

A07 – Stubby Shader – This is one of my absolute favourites in the set as its exactly the right shape and is dense enough to really pack on pigment to start an eye look

A12– Fluffy Pencil  – I love this one for blending out my shadows under my eye!

Spectrum Collections | Huge Brush Haul & ReviewSpectrum Collections | Huge Brush Haul & Review

The Spectrum brushes are all gorgeous shades and don’t worry – they stay just as vibrant even after washing! I’m pretty sure Spectrum do a brush soap now too. It’s definitely on my list to try along with the Duo Strobe Face Set to match my new eye brushes. Let me know if you’ve tried Spectrum and what you think! You can also contact me here.

Spectrum Collections | Huge Brush Haul & Review


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  1. March 5, 2018 / 9:11 pm

    That eyeshadow brush set sounds incredible, I think I might treat myself to it for my birthday!

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