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I’ve discovered the Renunail Nail Strengthener lately and decided to write a post about it. I’ve recently been struggling SO much with my nails. Usually I wear Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Varnish ALL the time, which makes them super healthy. I think due to my exam stress, I’ve been moving house and just had a general lack of time to take care of my nails, it’s really taken a toll on them lately. I decided to try the Renunail Nail Strengthener* which is a product I’ve been seeing loads lately on Instagram. It’s £17.50 for 30ml (a HUGE bottle – way bigger than I was expecting, so thinking it should last a while!).

The Nail Strengthener comes with instructions thankfully. It needs to be applied as part of a daily routine. 2 coats should be applied on clean bare nails on the first day, and then one coat each day for the next 5 days. On Day 7, remove the polish and then begin the whole process again the next day. The nail programme takes 28 days. You should give your nails a 1-2 week rest in between programmes. Renunail has infused this polish with calcium to help improve the strength.

renunail nail strengthener

I’m not sure that I noticed a huge difference in how fast my nails grew, as I do normally keep them short anyway. I’m really impressed with how much stronger my nails feel! I would recommend trying this if you have damaged nails, or have just had acrylics off, but maybe not if you want them to grow really long. It’s a good way to get your nails stronger though!

Let me know if this worked for you and if there are any others you’d recommend! You can contact me here, as well as on my social media – linked below!



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